Did You Know?

In 2010, 180,000 U.S. women were currently using a contraceptive implant.Learn More
A two-sided handout with information about IUDs and a side-by-side comparison of the copper and hormonal methods.
A single-sided handout with information about the contraceptive implant.
A handout that can be given to patients at their insertion visit – the document can be edited to reflect the hours and contact info of your clinic.
A resource for determining whether it is appropriate to offer a same-day start of many contraceptive methods, including pill, patch, ring, injection, hormonal and copper IUDs, and implant.
A two-sided legal-sized color chart based on the WHO and CDC medical eligibility criteria for initiating contraception, this chart lists many common medical conditions for quick reference.
A two-sided handout presenting information and citations for current IUD medical eligibility requirements—excellent as a quick update for those who may not be aware of current IUD eligibility guidelines.
Sample protocol for offering IUD insertion services in a family medicine clinic.
Sample protocol for offering contraceptive implant insertion services in a family medicine clinic.